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The inspiration for this incense burner comes from the intricately carved doors of the Nupe People. They have traditionally resided in the middle and northern areas of Nigeria and are one of the largest ethnic groups in the country.


The Nupe People’s carved doors was a long practiced tradition in protecting the home and showing social status. Each door was often adorned with carvings of animals or beings which served as invocations of deities or spirits, or as symbols of wealth. The room or space where the door was stationed was considered "safe" when it is guarded by the ancestors.


This piece is primarily for stick incense, but can also be used for cone incense, charcol, resin,and  crystal charging. It was painted with non-toxic glazes and should be hand washed when needed.


Height: 9.5 inch (24.1 cm)

Width: 2.75 ( 7cm)

Length: .5 inch ( 1.27 cm)


Pelican Censer

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