This wall hanging piece is inspired by the Nimba mask of the Baga people. The Baga are a West African ethnic group who live in the southern swampy lands of Guinea. Their Nimba mask represents the mother of fertility, protector of pregnant women, and presides over all agricultural ceremonies. They do not see Nimba as a goddess or diety, she is more honored as the universal mother and is the vision of woman at the zenith of her power, beauty, and affective presence.


Nimba's hair is braided into parallel rows, imitating the scarification on the head, while also representing the patterns of agriculture grown in fields. The mask inspires young women to embody their feminine strength, young men to thrive through cooperation in agriculture, and inspires the ancestors to contribute toward the continuance of community well-being.


Hand painted with non toxic glazes. Can be hung with a nail or screw.


Height: 7 inch (17.8 cm)

Width: 6 inch (15.25 cm)

Length: .5 inch ( 1.3 cm)

Nimba Mask

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