About Jasmine

            In 2016 I moved to California and currently reside in San Francisco. I can be found most days at SMA Art Gallery, a ceramic studio shared by fellow resident clay artists. When I’m not working on my ceramics, I’m at home fiddling with my sewing machine or experimenting with textile design.

            I was born and raised in South Florida. My mother is of Irish decent and my father is Jamaican. As a kid being raised by a working class, single mother, I was not given the latest toy or newest video game. Instead, my mom handed me paint brushes, pencils, and play dough. I cannot thank her enough for fueling my passion for art and supporting me in all of my crazy endeavors, including moving across the country.

Art was my passion, an extension of my being, yet, I found that a part of myself was still missing. Because of my mother’s church, I was able to attend a predominately white, private school.  I spent large parts of my middle school and high school experience trying to fit in, ignoring the reasons that made me unique.

            When I grew older, I met a few special people who gave me the incentive to discover the beauty of my culture and of myself. With my friend’s help, I began to resist the social pressure put upon me by society to act and look a certain way. I started to accept and take pride in my Jamaican ethnicity as well as my West African heritage. It was as if suddenly a whole new, vibrant, beautiful world unfolded before my eyes.

            Realizing that my years of schooling and experiences had blinded me from my other half was a wake-up call. I craved to learn about my culture and pride that I consider hidden from me. With that understanding, I began to churn all of my artistic energy into the rediscovery and exploration of my heritage through the pieces that I create. With the rebirth of my culture came the rebirth of my art.